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We are the leading pest control provider in Dallas. Our company provides Residential and Commercial Services with a mission to protect locals from variety of pests. And we’re proud to provide excellent and effective solution to our dear customers.

No matter what pest problem you’re having to deal with, give our specialists at Dallas Exterminator & Pest Control a call today to put your concerns away! You will find our staff honest, simple to work with, and professional. Moreover, have a look at any ranking of the best pest service companies in Dallas and you will see us high on the list.

Residential Pest Control

All of our specialists are skillfully trained and certified but most of them are experts explicitly in private vermin control. Consistently, we are helping people dispose of their termites, bugs, blood suckers and cockroaches. Nevertheless, this is not the only thing we can do. Our professionals are amazingly adaptable, which empowers them to deal with pretty much any pest issue you may be having. Dallas Pest Exterminator offers great assistance at a decent cost.

Commercial Services

Are you a business owner trying to find Dallas commercial pest control services? You are in luck! Our commercial technicians can treat any pest problem your business or organization may be having in the Dallas, Texas area.

Much of our clients in Dallas consist of dining establishments, schools, condo complexes, retail businesses and places of worship. Each of our technicians can get rid of the termites from your walls whilst keeping the rodents out of your kitchen. Most Dallas businesses know how important it is to present a clean and professional image for their clients and prospective clients. All it takes is one rat discovered during a health inspection to have detrimental effects on a business.

The most successful business owners will not wait for a pest problem to take place prior to taking action. You should safeguard yourself from pests so that you will never need to take care of a real pest problem. Whenever you talk to a commercial pest control technician at Dallas Exterminator & Pest Control, an action plan personalized to your organization will be drawn up. Don’t fret, we’ll handle the pest problems so that you don’t need to. It’s your job to focus on running your organization.

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